The Winter King

The Winter King

I am currently making a visual, mixed media art piece with the working title “The Winter King”. It includes the photograph above, which I took in Broadley Inclosure in the New Forest a few years ago. Thinking about the piece, and trying to make it, brought this poem to the surface. 

This seems to happen quite often. I write a poem and it leads me to make a 2D or 3D art piece, or I make an image which then leads on to a poem. In both cases, I’m still trying to make windows into the world, for myself and for others who might wish to look through.

The Winter King

The old Winter King

beckons you

and you must follow

between these

brittle waiting trees

into the dark.


Step hesitantly

beneath bone-

bare branches bladed,

sharp white cold

and pale gold haloed,

into the dark.


The fugitive sun

falling in

to sanctuary,

the silent

forest drawing you

into the dark.


Your nervous footsteps


Do not look behind.

At your back

the whole world falling

into the dark.