It’s that time of year again.

Samhaine Song

We sit here tonight

At one more year’s turning,

We hold our friends close

In the darkness returning.


Samhaine is here

And the great wheel is turning.

The apples are gathered,

The leaves are all scattered,

The bonfires are burning.

Samhaine is here again,

Samhaine is here.

Inside there’s laughter

And firelight and candle-glow.

Outside is the night

And the rain on the window.

(Repeat refrain)

The grain’s in the barns

But the Wild Hunt is running.

The apples are sweet

But the sharp frost is coming.

(Repeat refrain)

The Lord of the wood

In the Shadowlands, waiting,

Like seeds in the earth

For the new light’s awaking.

(Repeat refrain)

The Lady, the Crone,

By her cauldron is spinning

The thread of our lives

Through all ends and beginnings.

(Repeat refrain)

So set a spare place

For the old ones returning,

As we sit here tonight

At one more year’s turning.

As we sing here tonight

In the darkness returning.

(Repeat refrain)